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Monday & Wednesday
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1:30PM to 3:30PM

Monday & Wednesday
6:00PM to 7:00PM

Tel: (212) 561-0295
  Shihan Darlene DeFour (Kaiden)
Chief Instructor
  Sensei Kenny Hines (Okuiri)
Assistant Instructor
  Shihan Darlene C. DeFour is a native of Harlem, New York. She has been training in the martial arts for more than 25 years and holds a 9th degree Black Belt in San Yama Bushi Ryu Ju-jutsu; the first and only woman in the system to attain this rank. Shihan DeFour also holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate.

Dr. DeFour is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York. With a martial arts background, her work as a research psychologist has focused on the prevention of violence against women.

    Sensei Hines attained the rank of black belt in Shotokan Karate in 1990 and currently holds the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt in Kushinda Ryu Karate; he also holds the rank of Sho Okuiri, 1st Degree Black Belt in Jujutsu. Sensei Hines studied Kendo and the art of breaking and has participated in numerous breaking competitions; he was known during his active breaking days as “Iron Palm”. Sensei Hines has over 10 years experience as an instructor. In 2008 he was bestowed the Spirit Award by the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame and in 2006 was inducted into United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association International Hall of Honor as Master Instructor of Honor.  
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